Monday, September 8, 2014

eBay lesson learned

I sold my first item on eBay this week. My daughter's old baby swing was missing an arm which I assume we lost in our last move as I remember seeing it just before moving. Anyhow, I bought a whole one from Craig's list and replaced the one arm. I had found eBay had a large selection of parts but none had match my color. I decided to sell the leftover pieces on eBay. I had never even used eBay myself so I had no idea what to expect. But I put up two pieces and one sold after a few weeks.
Of course it sells when my husband is working late hours and I am watching two toddlers. I walked to the post office to buy a box, having baby kicking my butt the whole way. When I got there they had no boxes that could fit the piece. I did get a rough estimate according to the size and weight of the piece which was going to be close to $8 which was fine sense I charged nearly $10 in shipping.
Well, I had 3 days to send off this package but I was unable to buy a box with everything going on.
My husband decides to get a box from work and package up the piece (very poorly I might add) and seems it off himself. He paid $18.95 And called me freaking out since this had now cost us money rather than us making any money off of it. Well, the receipt said priority mail 2 days with insurance. So of course it cost that much. Now, he's upset and doesn't want me to sell off any more parts. But he doesn't understand his error.
Mistake were made and lessons have been learned but my lesson learned is do not give my husband the task of shipping things off. :)

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