Monday, April 25, 2016

The Amazing Way I Cleaned Grout!

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Moving into my apartment I did what I thought was enough to clean the tiled kitchen and bathroom. I used a mop and some floor cleaner thinking it was enough. I figured my floors were clean and there wasn't much for deep ground in dirt, BUT I WAS WRONG!

I decided to try something I read online to clean the grout in the kitchen. After a painting craft I got some paint stuck on the grout that I hoped to loosen with a good cleaner. I used Lysol toilet cleaner just along the grout lines between each tile. I let it sit for a small while and the results were shocking!

This WAS my tiled kitchen and what I thought was dark grout.

I was shocked that just wiping away the cleaner revealed this....

OMG! What a difference!

My first impression was "Wow! the grout looks great!" then I went "Oh, how gross! That's been sitting on my grout all this time! Ewww!" Next thought was, "Better do the bathroom!"

This was the bathroom...

Want to clean your grout like I did, check out my video...

Needless to say, I completely recommend this! However, make sure you do a little bit at a time. Its messy to wipe up and the smell can get overwhelming. My kitchen and bathroom is very small so I was able to do it all at once. Also, there is research that says that these types of cleaning solutions are very harmful so be extremely careful to keep children far away and make sure the area is well ventilated. I also recommend using gloves. I used gloves except during the video because my gloves were blue and it seemed odd. But it is important to remember safety first!