Friday, September 19, 2014

Trying almond milk

In a attempt to be healthier while pregnant I have been trying new founds and trying my best to eat those foods that are healthy but I just don't like. One of my biggest issues is my calcium. I don't drink milk, I hate milk with a passion. I also don't eat many other things that contain calcium. I happen to enjoy cereal, I prefer Life cereal but you just can't eat it without milk to soften it up. But I can only get so many spoonfuls in before I start to regret my decision.
I have heard of almond milk and assumed it was just another Wholefood none sense product. I was surprised to see it at Stop and Shop. On the box it said "50% more calcium" which caught my eye but also almond milk  including vitamin E, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, iron, fiber,and zinc as well. I didn't know this at the time I decided to give almond milk a try but it also is free of both saturated fat and cholesterol. I am borderline with my cholesterol though I don't eat much that is high in cholesterol, my whole family suffers from high cholesterol so my doctor encourages me to watch my cholesterol intake.
The best part of almond milk is the taste. As someone who cant even pinch my nose and down a glass of milk to save my life I was so relieved to find that almond milk tastes amazing.It does taste a bit like cows milk but without the sour bitterness I taste when I drink cows milk. I first tried the unflavored almond milk, it was good but wasn't great. The taste was very bland and it was unsweetened so it was like watered down milk. Then I tried the vanilla flavored almond milk and feel in love with cereal all over again. Where has almond milk been all my life. I can finally drink milk without having to brush my teeth right after. I can't wait to try the chocolate flavor as I imagine it will taste similar to a Mounds bar without the coconut.
My husband is a big milk drinker and he loves having a glass of milk with dinner. I sit and gag at the very idea of drinking milk with my alfredo sauce covered pasta. Yuck! Even he enjoyed the almond milk which was a surprise as my husband is a pure flavor, toss out the health food kind of guy.
The issue with almond milk is the cost. For a 32 fl oz of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze it cost close to a gallon of cows milk. I went through the 32 fl oz container like nothing. To me, its worth the price!

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