Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Adventures in Breastfeeding: Not a wimp!

I am so surprised at how well breastfeeding is going for me. When I talked to other moms about it before having Freya, it was really scaring me. Everyone talked about clogged milk ducts, scabed over nipples, and struggle with a painful latch. I was starting to question what I was getting myself into. Then I read online the rantings of moms in other countries, countries that don't shun breastfeeding.
They don't have theses issues typically. Why? Because it's the norm in their country. Because everyone's mom is breastfeeding, you grow up know how to breastfeed. They all said it shouldn't hurt and they don't understand what Americans complain about. Either we are wimps or we are doing it wrong.
Americans certainly aren't wimps so obviously we are doing it wrong. So when I had Freya and I wanted to breastfeed if it hurt I stopped. I through out the advice that your boobs have to" toughen up" and deal with the pain. I listened to the lactation consultant and pulled her off each time it hurt. If she got upset, I just rocked her and calmed her down before trying again. I asked for help those two days every time she wouldn't latch right after 3 tries. I have just accepted the pain.
Of course there are always issues like lip and lounge tie that will make nursing nearly impossible to feel okay, those babies won't latch comfortably and there is not much you can do. But that aside, I've learned you can't listen to other moms. Listen to a lactation consultant, they are speaking the truth when they say it shouldn't hurt.
I'm having a great time fom the very start nursing. Its so much easier than bottles. Especially during those exhausting hours at night. I just cuddle her next to me and we fall asleep together after she has passed out with a full belly. It's easier to leave the house, no need to pack bottles and formula.
However, there is a down side. You can't really do much without the baby. In the very beginning I felt like a dairy cow. All I did was feed her. I could barely get in a shower. Feedings took an hour, sometimes an hour and a half as she kept falling asleep. That only have me one hour to 30 minutes to do whatever I needed (including sleeping) before she was back to crying for more. But in the grand scheme of things it's a blink of as an eye how long that lasts for. This has calmed down and I'm very much used to feeding on demand. I didn't get a pump for a while so I had to do it all. If you pump your significant other can take a turn or two to give you a break. But even if not, you don't have to worry, you will find the time to sleep,shower,and clean your house (kind of).
Last weigh in at the doctors Freya was 10lbs and 12oz which she gained from 7lbs and 5oz which was her weight when we left the hospital. She gained that in 4 weeks! I'm impressed and its really reinforcing that we are doing something right.
I really do feel like this is the better choice for me. Though it doesn't make me regret formula feeding Morrigan. It just means I've done both and have a great perceptive of the differences and that this is a choice and it is all up to what the Mom is comfortable with.

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