Thursday, April 2, 2015

Adventures in Breastfeeding:Teething

If breastfeeding isn't hard enough, just when you think you have mastered how to breastfeed your baby, your baby starts teething. Just like Morrigan, Freya is teething early. She's almost 4 months old and she is showing sighs of teething.

It started with her fingers always being in her mouth. Most babies at her age will start putting things in the mouth anyways.  Then the drool faucet turns on. Freya started having a huge wet spot on her clothes right under her chin. I would change her and in 5 minutes her shirt would be soaked.
She was so obsessed with putting her fingers in her mouth that she would put her fingers in her mouth during nursing. Which by the way, hurts like a biotch.  She would break suction but try to prevent the nipple from leaving her mouth she bites down on the end. Even without teeth biting hurts.

It's a fight to keep those fingers out. I pull her hand away and before long they creep back up out of nowhere. The thing I have leaned is to lay her down and nurse side by side.  While nursing she is laying on one hand and I hold the other. I put my thumb in her little hand and I also stroke the top of her closed hand with my finger. It keeps her free hand busy which keeps them out of her mouth.
I also notice red marks on her fingers. She is biting down hard on her fingers. I remember Morrigan doing the same thing. It stopped after a few times after biting her hand ounce her teeth actually came in. I also remember her fighting the bottle to get her hands in her mouth. So by now I know what's going on.

Then she stared fussing while nursing. She would pull off after just a minute or two of nursing and cry. It's a struggle to nurse her right now.  But I'm learning what makes her want to nurse. 
Freya has been sleeping a lot more. I let her sleep as much as I can. She has been living in her swing for the past 4 days. I have been pumping to keep up my supply. It's okay if she doesn't nurse as often or as long. It's just a problem to work through.

I used Orajel with Morrigan twice when she was teething but with new research,  I no longer feel comfortable using such a product. Luckily, Morrigan teething was easy.  I think Freya is going to suffer through teething.  If it's bothering her this much already, it's going to be a struggle. 

I bought one of those rubber animal teether. It's a Infantino lamb we call "lamby". Freya loves lambs! And she chews on it like it's made of jellybeans. Also I use a very old teething trick my grandfather suggested when I was teething. You take a face cloth and run it under the cold water. For good measure put it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for just a few minutes.  Then bundle up the middle and clip it with a cloths pin. Freya loves chewing on the cold face cloth. I just have to supervise her while she is chewing on it.

It's very similar to my trick when Morrigan when she was getting her molars. I found these things that had like a pacifier bottom but a net was on top. They are net feeders, we used Munchkin brand.

You can fill it with fruit or steamed vegetables.  I would give Morrigan a cold piece of cantaloupe inside as the fruit was very firm. But it's not recommended to give it to a baby as young as Freya.

I just try my best to keep her happy. If she gets upset she will not stay on the boob. If you are struggling with a teething baby, I hope you find something in this blog that helps. Whether it's a trick to try or comfort knowing you are not alone, I hope it makes your time easier.

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