Monday, September 14, 2015

Adventures in Breastfeeding: Its The Top Teeth That Will Get You!

I thought my daughter and I got past the teething issue while breastfeeding. Her two tiny pearly whites on the bottom are out and she has figured out not to bite the nipple that feeds you. All was going well. I thought I had mastered this breastfeeding thing. Then came the top teeth.

Honestly, its not her fault. Nothing has been in her way before. She knew how far to open her mouth to fit all she needed of my flesh to eat. But now there are two little barriers that are in the way. She isn't biting but as she pulls my nipple into her mouth she rakes my skin over those razor sharp brand new teeth. It still hurts! Nipples are tender! As much as people say that nipples toughen up with breastfeeding, they don't. They shouldn't have to if mom and baby are doing it right.

With the bottom teeth, the tongue covers those teeth. If baby doesn't bite then there isn't anything to worry about. But those top teeth, those don't have any buffer.

So, my advice to you new to breastfeeding moms out there. Be warned! Top teeth hurt too!

I found that my daughter wasn't opening her mouth wide enough to get the nipple past the top teeth. With any problem that arises during breastfeeding, its back to basics. Get baby to open up nice and big before latching. Even if baby has been doing well self latching. Until they learn to open up so not to scrape you with teeth then you may have to work on latching all over again.

Remember, breastfeeding shouldn't hurt. When it does, you need to fix something. Go back to the basics and figure it out or seek a lactation consultants help. Good Luck Mommas!

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