Friday, September 4, 2015

Soaking Up The Last Few Days Of Summer

Though the rest of the area is no longer experiencing heat. My towering apartment is anything but cool. With my eight year old home for the long weekend I had to come up with something fun that will cool us off.

While giving the baby a bath I thought to myself at least she will feel cool. Then I figured why can't we all take baths. After her bath I put her down for a nap. Once she was out like a light I drew myself a bath with a bath bomb from Lush. If you haven't been to a Lush store you have no idea what you are missing. If there are no Lush stores near you, order from them online. They are amazing natural products.

I soaked in the now pink scented water with little seaweed paper pink hearts floating around me. Loreena Mckennitt played softly from my phone. I was in bliss!
Then came time for my oldest's bath. She loves baths and had already used her own bath bomb and a half of mine. So I had to come up with a different bath for her. The girl loves bubble baths but I took it a step further.

I took the Dawn and with a bit of water in a bowl I whipped up a bowl full of foam. This is not like a normal bubble bath bubbles, these are dense soap foam. I then added food coloring all around the bowl (it didn't mix well so I learnt you can just dump the food coloring in the middle) then I later the foam on top of the already drawn bath water. I had to do two bowls for one color. I did this for another two colors. You could make the foam bigger or do more colors.

In the future I think I will make bowls of colored foam and add them one after another. The first color I put down ran all over the place by the time I whipped up the next color.
She had a blast. The color washed into the water after a bit of playing but it was fun. She enjoyed mixing all the colors making swirls.

Give it a try. It's a mess if you are not careful with the food coloring. I think I dyed my bathroom sink green. But I still enjoyed surprising my daughter with this cool bath. Messes are a part of life, thank goodness for rubbing alcohol!

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