Friday, November 30, 2012

An interesting morning

Its always the hardest morning when your feeling under the weather. Its like the world makes you get up when you don't want to, makes you think a little harder when you can't and the day ends with you barely sleeping as you are just so darn uncomfortable. Today just happens to be one of those days for me.

It starts with me waking to my daughter knees in my back. After multiple time of me tell her to move over, I finally give up and get up. My daughter starts playing with her Monster High dolls so I sit on the couch closing my eye in an attempt to sooth the pounding headache. Then comes the first whine of the day. Her Monster High doll Cleo is missing an arm. Not a rare occurrence for these thing but still a problem since the missing limb is never anywhere near the doll. After hours of endless searching, the doll limb has still not be located so commence the end of the world cry. Now it is getting late and school will be starting soon. She is reluctant to get ready for school as she is terribly upset about her doll. Then I start the morning tradition of telling my daughter to get dressed over and over again. I wonder what the world record is? After that struggle I quickly do her hair and she cries some more. Then to the kitchen where I call my husband to ask if he has seen the doll's arm since our daughter now hates her life because nothing goes her way. As I'm on the phone pouring a bowl of cereal I notice the cat pooped on the floor. Before it is stepped on (learned from past experience not to put things like this off not even in the short time it would take to finish pouring the bowl of cereal) I clean up the poop, wash and continue with breakfast and having my husband tell me my screaming crying kid "will get over it" yes, she will get over one of her favorite toys being broken, DOUBT IT!!!! We are talking about Morrigan right? The kid remembers everything and gets over nothing!!!

I finally get the sobbing child to calm down long enough for her to put socks on. Then the mad dash to get the coat, hat, mittens, and scarf on then finally her shoes. We wait outside in the cold for the school bus. As she ran around in the front yard she seemed to have forgotten about the missing doll arm. There were no more tears, no more "mommy pleaseeeee, you've just got to find Cleo's arm" like I heard all morning. Now she is on the bus, heading school  and happy. I should head back to bed for the next 3 hours to try and sleep of this headache. No, I will rip apart the doll box under my daughter's bed and her room looking for the doll's arm. Why? Because I'm mom and that is what I do.

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