Monday, April 15, 2013

Terrible Day in Boston

The Boston Marathon is a long standing tradition. We here in Boston take great pride in our city, it's people, the history, and traditions. To have such an awful attack during such a day as Patriot's Day, a time of remembrance of all those people that forged our nation, during such an iconic event as the marathon, it has shaken us all to the core. Though my heart goes out to those families of the victims from today's attack. I feel we here in the Boston area, as a community, need to rise up from this tragic event and carry on. We are a strong community, we are tough, we are fighters, and we will hold true to the memory of those who came before us, those people that fought for freedom. They had unwavering strength, they were afraid but never let that fear stop them from going on. We can't let those that feed off fear to win. We will move on, help those who are in need of healing. But rest assure that Boston will fight to find out who is responsible and those people will feel the weight of justice. This day will forever be remembered here in Boston.

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