Friday, April 3, 2015

Ways to Make Money While Being at Home.

I'm in no way saying you will substitute an income with these methods. But there are ways to make money or earn items and discounts on items easily while you hold down the home front. All of these options I have personally tried and though I'm certainly not making an income, its nice to have something for little effort that I can accomplish right on my laptop as I feed my kids.

These are just the methods I've tried. There are many ways to earn a little bit while you are at home.

If you use Pampers anything, there is usually a code somewhere on the packaging. By entering the code into the website you are given points. Points can be added up over time and there are many things to trade your points in for. I use my Pamper reward points to buy photos from Shutterfly.

If you see something you like and you have the point my suggestion is to grab it while you can. Items and discounts don't stay on the list for long.

Viggle commercials aren't completely clear on what the Viggle app really does. Honestly, when I first saw the Viggle ads I thought it was like Netflix and I would watch and earn points for free shows on their service (which you can earn points to watch shows and movies, read eBooks, and download music) But what I learned which interested me is that you watch your own TV to earn points so there is no service (than you regular cable or satellite service) to subscribe for. Really, its free! I just open the app, hit a button, and let it listen to my TV to determine what I'm watching. I earn points for watching shows. Most shows are available and its very easy to earn points. There are so many things to choose from like discounts at major stores like Best Buy and Footlocker. Also there are gift cards as well which go fast so grab them when you can!

My only issues with Viggle is if you have a lot of back ground noise, which us stay at home parents often have with children running around and toys making noise, then its hard for the app to link up to the show. If you have an old smart phone or a table and a wireless internet connection, you can put the app on that device and leave it next to the speaker. Also it take a while to accumulate the points need to get something worth your while.

I heard about Ebates through their many commercials on TV and I thought it sounded too go to be true, there had to be some kind of catch that would either make it impossible for me to benefit from it or I'd have to pay money somewhere. I was wrong. Ebates not only gives you cash bag on purchases but it also gives you coupon codes for better deals. My only regret with Ebates was not signing up sooner. If I had done my Christmas shopping with Ebates I would of made a lot more money with their cash back rewards than I did.

For my first purchase I went to JCPenney to buy some much needed clothes online. I not only found a coupon code on Ebates for 10% off the purchase over $50 but with my purchase I made $16.32. Plus, just by signing up I got a $10 gift card to Target (Target was my choice but there are about 6 major retailers to pick from.) Best part is there are no strings, nothing hidden, just go to Ebates, find the store you want, the link sends you right to the site, and you shop no different than you would have otherwise. You earn by how much you spend. Its that easy! Then, periotically they will mail you a check. No need to cash it out, they will do it for you. You can earn money for each person who signs up that you send an invitation to. This method is highly recommended!

Inbox dollar is a survey sight that you warn small amounts of money for taking surveys. Once you get $30 in your account you can cash it out. Its free to sign up and its safe despite other sites I have come across. The problem with Inbox Dollar is that its very time consuming. It takes a while to accumulate money. Also you can start a survey, get so far and then it will say you aren't the demographic they are looking for. So you just wasted 20 minutes of your time for nothing.

Swagbucks is another points website. This one requires you to search on the internet, refer people, watch videos, fill out surveys, among other things to earn points that can be cashed in for items. I just earn for gift cards which they offer Amazon gift cards (yay, cloth diapers!) so you can really buy anything essentially.They even start you off with roughly 80 points just for filling out a profile. The points needed for rewards vary but they ask a lot of point. You can make points will little effort so its not that hard. But you have to be patient. Like Viggle, it takes time to accumulate the points needed to turn it in for something actually worth it.

If you are interested in any of these options just click the link and start earning. I'm experimenting with more options like a mobile app that asks you to scan items in store. We will see how that goes but I may need to update this list later. But these options listed above, I have tried. Some are more successful than others but each are worth a try. My most recommended are Ebates (if you shop online you're a fool if you don't sign up for Ebates!) and Viggle. If you are a Pampers user the reward app makes it very easy to put in those rewards points (check the back of the wipes!). Swagbucks, I'm still trying to see if time and value is worth it for me. I have given up on Inbox Dollar. I earned fast then it was very difficult to earn after the first few days.

Good luck earning money and items at home. Hope you find what works for you.

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