Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where is my brains?

Well, I'm thinking my brains are leaking out my ears as a sleep at night. Its the only way I can explain my recent forgetfulness. I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant and suffering from pregnancy brain.

Not only did I forget the deposit on the dance class I had already put in the registration for my 7 year old. I keep forgetting to make a dentist appointment for her as well. I made one for me as well. I keep forgetting to put things in the mail. Never mind the sudden lack of vocabulary. I'm forget whole words. I could be looking right at an object but the name of it will completely escape me. Basic math is also a miss. I couldn't remember how to do basic subtraction.

My brain is mush and I'm not sleeping well, which doesn't help. So where did my brain go?

The truth is that pregnancy brain is a fact. You don't lose brain cells but rather you have hormones, baby thoughts, and a lack of sleep to mess with your head.

I'm trying my best to stay prioritized and rested so I don't forget my own name by writing down things to do and leaving myself notes. Lets hope my brain returns after baby gets here.

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