Friday, May 1, 2015

Moby Wrap

When I found out I was pregnant with Freya I was watching two year old twins. In warm weather I enjoyed taking the twins out for walks in their stroller. I also took them to Morrigan's bus stop in their stroller. How was I going to take the twins and an infant to the bus stop? I was trying to come up with a solution when my husband told me he had the option to get a Moby wrap for free. Since it was for free I took it. A wrap would allow me to carry Freya and have my hands free to push the twins in their stroller.

Before I had a Moby wrap, I honestly thought these wraps were far too much work. I also worried about the safety of basically tying a baby to you. But once I got my Moby wrap and tried it out a few times with a doll, it completely changed my opinion. Luckily, Moby wrap doesn't only offer a guide in with the wrap but there is a YouTube channel that actually shows you how to tie the wrap. The wrap is very easy to tie and its very secure. You may have to try it out a few times to learn how to tie the wrap to fit you and baby the best.  I have a long torso so I had to bring up the wrap on my stomach a bit higher than the instructions indicated. The first time I put Freya into the wrap she was far too low. She was face first in my boobs. The instructions are simple enough that it was only logical for me to start higher up on my stomach.
Fair warning though, if you have a baby that runs hot like mine only put them in either light clothing or even just a onie. My poor babes was cranky and sweaty the first time I wore her in the wrap. I had to take her out, which is a lot easier than you think, strip her done to a onie, and put her back in and she was fine after that.

The wrap has also been helpful while breastfeeding. If you are considering to babywear with a wrap, which I now can recommend. I have used my wrap when I was out as a cover. I even wear Freya around the house so I can do house work during Freya's cranky times. Sometimes a baby just needs to be close to Mommy and sometimes Mommy has to do things at that moment. My Moby wrap has been a life saver in those moments.
There are two different wrapping methods, folding and gathering. I have learnt from the Moby YouTube channel two holds. One being the newborn hug hold and then the hug hold for the 3 months and older. Freya didn't like the newborn hold as she has always hated being swaddled. But once she was of age I tied it so her legs could dangle in the 3 months wrap she was fine. 

So, if you have been on the fence about these wraps I can say I was skeptical at first but really these wraps are great. Here are some videos instructing you how to tie a Moby Wrap.

Moby Wrap gathered 

Moby Wrap folded

Newborn Hug Hold

Kangaroo Hold

3 Month + Hug Hold

Moby Safety Check

This is not from Moby Wrap but a good video to show another newborn hold, the cradle hold.

This is also not a Moby Wrap video but this is the best instructions on hold to use the Moby wrap during nursing.

For those with Twins, this too is not a Moby but I thought I should include a wrap hold for twins.

I personally do the folded wrapping and I have used the Newborn hug hold and the regular hug hold. I have not used kangaroo hold. My advice is to try a hold a few times with a doll or a stuffed animal with legs. Pretend its your baby so you can feel what it is like to have to support a baby while putting them into the hold. 

Freya had a strong preference on what side she liked to put her head on me. She only would rest her head on my left shoulder. So I would pull my left side in first, it would be the side closest to my body. Also you can tuck in things into the side of the wrap, which I never thought of until I watched Making Life Simple, Check her out here: She also made the great suggestion to put your wrap on at home. Not only does this prevent you from dragging the wrap on the ground, yuck! It also works great for those of us in New England and other colder areas to make a quick exit from the car. Where the Moby is so warm for you and baby so not only will baby be dressed lightly but so will you. On a cold day that you can't avoid the grocery store with baby in tow you are going to want the wrap on already so you are not standing there without a jacket in the cold shaking cold trying to wrap the Moby.

Moby Wraps are not the best fabric but compared to other wraps that can cost you over a hundred dollars, Moby Wrap is only $39.99 typically at Target and does the job just fine. Hope this little review helps those on the fence about using wraps and especially those looking into buying the Moby Wrap.

Happy wrapping!

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