Monday, May 18, 2015

Personal Lesson

My lesson for the day: If a recipe sounds too good to be true, it probably tastes like crap!

I learnt this lesson the hard way this afternoon. I was hungry, so hungry I could eat anything, well...almost everything. With my husband working 2 jobs right now we have been low on groceries since we only own one car. I can walk to the corner store if need be, I can walk to the big grocery store if I really feel like walking. But both the baby and I have been sick. Its the kind of sick that makes your whole body feel like your pulling weights behind you. We are both very congested and my asthmatic butt is not walking anywhere far from my nebulizer. So I had to come up with a solution to my rumbling tummy without leaving the house.

My idea came to me on Pinterest. Pinterest has never failed me. However, I have had many Pinterest-fails. This one however, was not my fault. This was a case of having a bad recipe. See, things that are "quick" most of the time aren't tasty. That is why when I find something relatively quick and it actually taste great I put it here. There is a reason why there will be no recipe attached to this post. The recipe I found was for simple sesame noddles. Essentially it is Ramon noodles without all the crazy preservatives. It was great, everything needed I had. The ingredients were noodles/spaghetti, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, rice vinegar, pure sesame oil, hot chili oil, canola oil, and green onions. It said it would only take 10 mins which I only had 15 until my eight year old got off the bus. I made this easily and was so happy I found something so easy that doesn't require me to buy extra ingredients I don't usually keep on hand. I made up a bowl of these noodles, I took one bite and spit if back into the bowl. Yuck! It tasted worse then Ramon noodles!

I learnt an important lesson from this experience. Quick food often doesn't taste very well. Put the effort into cooking, it will reflex the quality in the taste.

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