Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Morrigan is 11

It amazes me how fast a year can go by. I remember being a child and a year seemed to drag on. Once I became a parent I feel like I blink and a decade has gone by. This time wrap is most evident in how fast my oldest daughter Morrigan has grown.
All those baby toys and toddler size Christmas dresses that were Morrigan's and I have unpacked for Freya reminds me of how Morrigan was at each stage of her childhood. It's a trip down memory lane in a box. That 2T Easter dress reminded me of the Easter Morrigan was running a fever of a 102.6. That was a tough day especially for her. Or the Ariel stuffed toy that Morrigan carried everywhere. Once, when Morrigan was 3 she dropped her Ariel in the middle of the pedestrian only road on Derby st in Salem. Her father and our friends turned back to go find it while Morrigan and I ran to catch the author we were in Salem to meet and have sign my book. We made it there in the very last second before she started her class. That Ariel was recovered, washed, and continued to be her cuddle buddy at night. Now it's in Freya's arms every night.
I sometimes expect that little kindergartener with the missing front teeth to get off the bus dressed in a Disney Princess shirt and leggings covered in tiny pink hearts. Instead, this beautiful pre-teen steps off the bus in her button up plaid shirts and her laced up black boots. She looks so grown up that I have to take a double take to make sure its really my kid.
In the past few years she has really come into her own. She is still shy but she can speak her mind. When she speaks, her vocabulary amazes me. Her understanding of the world and the society we live in is starting to take shape. She's forming her own opinions and backing them up with a fair amount of logic.
At this point, I can say my daughter is a kind, caring, empathetic person who believes in fairness for everyone regardless of race, sex, creed, immigration status, sexual orientation, and political affiliation. She's a feminist at heart, it seems to be her biggest cause. 
So watch out world, my Morrigan is now only 7 years away from adulthood!

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