Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday shopping

Holiday shopping is NOT a fun time for me. Some people get a thrill out of the great finds and the bargain prices at this time of year. For me, it gives me retail flashbacks. I hate being in a crowded store dodging crazy people pushing carts. If this is how they drive a cart, I'd hate to see how they drive their cars. I prefer online shopping. But then online shopping hurts the small mom and pop shops. Thankfully those stores are not as busy as department stores. I try also to start shopping in July. I like to be done by September except the big ticket items that we pick up on black Friday. I also wait for black Friday for board games, at Target many are just $10. This year I worked black friday, the first time in 6 years. I am now working holiday help at my old employer JCPenney in the Hanover Mall. I'm only doing weekends but of course it is mandatory for everyone to work black Friday. Its something that took some time to get used to again but its all coming back to me now. This year I plan on getting my daughter a Nintendo 3ds and something nice for my husband so the extra money is needed. Not last year but the year before my husband bought me a very expensive camera a DSLR by Canon. I really want to get him something nice like that as well. The focus has always been our daughter but with my extra money this year I can get him something better than the usual clothes I get him. 

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