Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Days off from school is not a day off from learning!

Nothing like waking up to your child sleeping on your face. My daughter Morrigan had been sleeping with her head on mine. I was only able to open one eye since the other was pinned shut by her chubby little cheek. The one open eye was only able to see her mouth and the tip of her nose. I couldn't help but think, how could this be comfortable for her? She was sleeping on my husband's down pillow, why switch to my hard head? This was very uncomfortable for me so I rolled her off my face and back onto a pillow. She woke for a brief moment so I said good morning. She replies "Today is my day off Mama, I can sleep all day if I wanted to and I want to" she rolls over putting her back towards me and goes back to sleep. If she needs more sleep then fine, but there will be no sleeping all day. Nor will there be TV watching all day or playing all day. A day off from school is not a day off from learning.

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow we will have a history lesson on pilgrims. Since we live in Massachusetts this is not a hard lesson to teach. Plymouth is about 30 minutes away from us. I am well prepared from this history lesson with both knowledge and books, photos, and the mayflower passenger list all bought on our last trip to the Plymouth Plantation. We will be making turkey hats and Morrigan will list all the things she is thankful for. Then tomorrow she will tell the whole family what it is she is thankful for. We have also given food to our local food pantry so Morrigan understands what is most important and what she should be truly grateful for.

Also, she will be helping me make a Thanksgiving day trifle. Morrigan helps with food preparation on Thanksgiving so she can appreciate what work goes into making all that food on Thanksgiving . She will also be helping my mom with an apple pie.

There are lessons in everything. Thanksgiving provides a great opportunity for a history lesson and a way to teach gratefulness and humility.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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