Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer is coming to an end but I'm beginning something new!

This summer was a great summer because I got to have so many great first experience with Freya and I got to share something I loved as a kid with my family.
As the summer ends and fall will soon begin I found the need to make a change. Being out so often this summer we ate terrible. We ate more take out, drank more soda, just had terrible eating habits. It was time we change that.
I have purposed we, as a family, try to find healthy alternative as often as we can. I enjoy the food I eat so I don't want to stop eating them. But a healthy alternative is an adjustment I can make.
I want to share with you my reviews on products and recipes that are healthy alternative and tell you what actually worked for me.
I will be making a special post when I find something and it will be labeled Healthy Alternative.
I would also love some suggestions from you. So leave comments either below or on any Healthy Alternative post.

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