Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The School Bus Rush.

Is it a dance of chaos! Every morning no matter how early I get her up, Morrigan will drag her feet to get out the door.

Let me paint you a picture so you can understand my woes. The bus comes at 8:24 sometimes earlier, sometimes later. I usually get Morrigan up at 7:35 to get ready so we can leave for the bus stop before 8:20. I think 45 minutes should be enough for this girl to get ready. She showers the night before, her clothes are laid out before bed and she likes to eat breakfast with her friends in school. The only thing she needs to do in the morning is get dressed,  brush her hair,  brush her teeth,  and get her coat and shoes on. That takes me 15 minutes and I also do make up. She does actually only take 15 minutes to get ready because the first half hour is spent with her refusing to get out of bed and then refusing to go to school.

It's a battle every morning. Because im busy arguing with Morrigan every morning I often run late as well.  The baby is crying to be changed, I'm tripping over the cat who is tying to get my attention so I might remember to feed her. Then there is my eight year old in bed with this banshee wailing because she doesn't want to go to school. Then anything that could go wrong does. The keys are missing,  the baby spits up on both me and her. Morrigan can't find her library book and I forgot it was library day. Her sneakers are tied in the most difficult knot that even a boy scout wouldn't be able to do. Then, like every morning, we find ourselves running for the bus. We are saying our goodbyes as we are running, Morrigan's shoe laces become untied as she is running and I show up at the bus stop looking like a comic book villain with red swirling angry eyes and my eyebrows now stuck in a downward position.

I'm covered in spit up, my shoes aren't fully on my feet and my hair is now falling out of my pony tail. It makes for a tough start to the day. No matter how early I put her to bed the night before there is always an epic battle every morning. But this is karma. I was not that different from Morrigan when I was a child. And, as my mom would say she hoped I would have a child that would do the same and her wish came true. My brother and I both have little miniature versions of ourselves. I always thought my mother had some kind of special powers. Now I know what it is, she can curse you with karma. 

Anyhow, I saw this video by Elle on her Mom's vlog channel, What'sUpMoms, on YouTube. It made me laugh it's so relatable.  So here is a link to that great video. If you are not already subscribed to her channel, do so. There are great videos from Elle and 2 other really great and funny moms. Enjoy!

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