Friday, April 17, 2015

Ways To Make Money While Being At Home 2

I decided to revist this topic since trying more apps. If you want to look at the apps I have already reviewed here is a link to the past post Ways To Make Money While Being At Home.

Slidejoy is an app that puts an advertisment on your phone before you get to your lock screen. Its easy, just swipe left or right depending if you want to interact with the ad or unlock the phone. Problem is it takes forever to earn money. I've had it on my phone for over a month and all I earned was $1.70. I'm not impressed.

AppTrailers is an app that will show you advertisments for apps and you have the option of installing what you like. Its a slow process but I love that it can be paid to paypal. However, it takes 500 points to get use it and its about $.50. It took two apps to get 65 points. You can do the math.

Mobee is a secret shopper app that will give you tasks to do when you are in a store. Tasks are few and far between.

Easyshift is the same as Mobee. My problem is there were never any tasks in my area.

I'm revisting Swagbucks as I have found more to earn. Swagbucks is another points website. This one requires you to search on the internet, refer people, watch videos, fill out surveys, among other things to earn points that can be cashed in for items. I just earn for gift cards which they offer Amazon gift cards (yay, cloth diapers!) so you can really buy anything essentially.They even start you off with roughly 80 points just for filling out a profile. The points needed for rewards vary but they ask a lot of point. You can make points will little effort so its not that hard. To add what I had said before on my previous post, I have installed the Swagbucks tool button and it allows me to earn money for visiting sites. I think Swagbucks is my new #1 app!

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